10 Things You Didn’t Know About One Earth Festival 2018

Posted on: 10 December 2018

The festival is over, the sounds of music have faded, but memories of India’s biggest vegan festival will stay with us until next year. Here are 10 salient features of the fest that you(probably) didn’t know about.

  1. Saroj Coudhury Was The Backbone Of The Festival
Saroj Choudhury (Right) has been the quiet force behind the The Environment Pavilion.

As the Co-Founder of One Earth Festival, erstwhile Ahimsa Festival, Saroj Choudhury is unassuming, grounded and soft-spoken. She stays off-stage, but it is behind the stage that she creates her magic. First, she arranged for Ahimsa eco-friendly bags that were given away to the lucky visitors. What’s more,very few know that the environment and sustainability are very close to her heart, and thus Saroj took it upon herself to invite a motley crew of extraordinary environment warriors who have gone the extra mile to protect the environment and ecology. She advocates practical use of sustainability principles, is a philanthropist and has been the backbone of the festival since its inception in 2016. 

2. Indian Sweets Were Available

(L-R) The Gulab Jambun & Copra Pak By Yashvi Foods Were Heavenly, & The Mysore Pak By Vijay Sweets Melted In The Mouth.

While most of us stood in link for the amazing range of vegan ice-creams and gourmet desserts, how manyof you discovered that there were delicious Gulab Jambuns and Copra Pak by Yashvi Foods and tantalizing Mysore Pak by Vijay Sweets. The latter is owned by Aravindan V who has been vegan for 6 years and is based in Coimbatore.

3. Visually Impaired Offering Foot Massage

The Foot Therapists Brought Unexpected Relief To The Weary Shoppers.

The weary shoppers were in for a surprise to see visually-impaired foot therapists present to offer their services for a relaxing session. The five-member team made their presence felt all through the day at the Activity area. The therapists have been trained by The Victoria Memorial School For The Blind to enable them to be self-sufficient.

4. Live Plastic Upcycling

From Bottle To Bench Created From Discarded Plastic Donated By Visitors At The Fest.

Following social enterprise, Start Upcycling Now’s posts appealing to people visitors tobring waste plastic at the fest, visitors arrived with lots of plastic. Natasha D’Costa, Founder of Start Upcycling Now created a bench made of plastic bricks at the venue itself.  

5. Environment Display

The Garden & Microgreens Created A Pleasing Atmosphere.

yThe Environment Pavilion at the fest was not a standard seminar room. It featured a kitchen garden and microgreens that lent the space with a relaxed feel and help keep the space 

6. Unplugged Wih Vegan Instruments

Visitors Were Invited To Jam With Vegan Instruments.

Also present were vegan musicians who have pushed envelopes to create cruelty-free instruments that were put up on display near the Environment Pavilion at the fest. All the instruments including a range of drums and flutes were put on display and the musically inclined were invited to enjoy live jam and perk up the festivities.

7. Green Sole

Shriyans Bhandari (L) and Ramesh Dhami (R) Have Walked The Talk With Their Enterprise.

Green Sole is dedicated to refurbishing old shoes into new ones and supplying to the underprivileged across India. They have donated over 10,000 shoes to those in need to date. Founders Shriyans Bhandari and Ramesh Dhami said that at the festival, this NGO received over a 100 old shoes from visitors and is already in process of distributing them to the rural underprivileged outside Mumbai.

8. Happy Mutton

The New Start-Up Happy Mutton Pulled Crowds At The Fest.

This time, we witnessed Happy Mutton pulling eager crowds at the fest. Co-Founders Satish Sridhar, Manon Gingold, Arjun Iyer and Joslyn JC of Happy Mutton had arranged for Vegan railway mutton curry and methi paranthas and Vegan galouti kebabs in a wow pao with a split basil chutney that were runaway hits.

9. Columbian & Venezuelan Cuisines

The Arepa Was a Cool New Dish That Delighted Visitors.

Another surprise for us was a new entry start-up, El Postre by siblings Shivani & Vritti Vasnani. El Postre offered local iconic treats like Arepas which are cornmeal breads with guacamole fillings. Another dish that was offered was Papa Arrugas, a regional dish of the Canary Islands which are small baby boiled potato’s eaten with atypical mojo dip.

10. Platform For Activism & Creating Awareness

UFC Was One Of the Active Groups Who Inspired Non-Vegan Visitors To Drop Dairy & Meat & Join Forces For The Cause.

Thefestival was more than just power-packed talks, amazing range of vegan foodsand a platform for chic cruelty-free lifestyle market. Also present were abattalion of passionate ethical NGOs and groups who have spent all of theirfree time tirelessly speaking to people across various cities, urging themtowards the compassionate way of life or raising awareness. Amongst them were PETA,Animal Aid, United For Compassion, Satvik Vegan, Water Bowls, Nature Forever,FIAPO, WSD among others.    

If you have memorable experiences you would like to share about One Earth Festival On 2 December 2018, write to us at ahimsafest@gmail.com.

One Earth Festival 2018