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Posted on: 26 November 2018

Here are experts who can guide you and your family towards a healthier and holistic lifestyle @ One Earth Festival 2018.

We have seen them as coaches like Dr Jehangir Khan in ‘Dear Zindagi’ and John Keating in ‘Dead Poet’s Society’, as counselors like Sean in film “Good Will Hunting’ and Ryan Bingham in ‘Up In The Air’ or even as revolutionary landscape designers like Madame de Barra in ‘A Little Chaos’. While these characters are unreal, the positive personal revolutions that real-life  consultants, speakers and educators can bring about is far from fictional. All of us, at various points in our lives have needed a helping hand, an expert to guide us and offer new perspectives, or introduced us to a better way of boosting our health, healing a chronic issue or to create endearing spaces around us.

Meet these experts, who have overcome personal challenges, become vegan and have established novel paths for themselves in their respective domains. They bring extensive experience to the table and are open to connect with you @ OEF 2018. Just walk up to their stalls and introduce yourself.   

Date: 2 December 2018

Venue: JVPD Grounds, Opp Chandan Cinema, Juhu, Mumbai 

Time:  10am-10pm

Register FREE at, but mandatory.

Dr. Rupa Shah, MBBS,  Lifestyle Medicine Consultant 

(Stall # 17 )

Dr Rupa Shah was facing severe migraine headache & hyperacidity for the past 18 years, before she decided to give up dairy for a month as an experiment. It was only when all her ailments completely disappeared, that she was astonished by the toxic effects of dairy and gave up dairy for life. She did extensive research and began her foray into holistic healing 8 years ago. Since then, she helps her patients reverse lifestyle diseases with a plant-based diet. She has spent 35 years healing patients with flower and bio-energy medicines and has authored the book ‘Dairy Alternatives’ in 3 languages and ‘What About About My Calcium’. She is also the Founder of circleOhealth and co-founder of One Earth Festival since 2016. Moreover, she has conducted workshops and held seminars at various conferences across India and overseas.

Pradeep Shah, Engineer & NDS Speaker & Organizer

(Stall #  )

Pradeep Shah initially suffered from a series of chronic issues like fatigue, overweight, constipation and headaches to name a few. He had tried a range of therapies to heal himself, but in vain. Finally, he attended a seminar by BV Chauhan with his wife Meena titled ‘World Without Medicines’ and inspired by the speaker, decided to drop consuming his medicines overnight. An Electronics Engineer, Pradeep Shah has been an R&D engineer for 30 years. Thus he had a scientific bent of mind and was astonished when all his diseases were healed within a short time. He witnessed personal transformation in his body and life and decided to incorporate the Natural Diet System that was insync with the laws of nature. Since then, he advocates NDS by organizing working regularly. Pradeep and Meena Shah have held more than small, big 300 workshops across India and has witnessed many lifestyle disease remissions. Through their workshops he has enabled participants to shift to the natural diet, dropping dairy, meat and eggs overnight. Do drop by their stall to learn more.

Vinita Contractor, Nutritionist Coach & Wellness Chef

(Stall # 9)

Vinita had always known that that humans didn’t need dairy to thrive and to be healthy, but wasn’t aware of the ecological impact of it. She also lived with the false belief that cows in India would never be ill-treated as they are considered holy. Once she become aware of the ecological impact of our food choices as well as the reality of the dairy industry, she decided to turn vegan. Today, Vinita Contractor is a Nutrition Coach, Wellness Chef, Food consultant and the Founder of Down 2 Hearth. She is based in Mumbai and offers health consultations for weight loss and disease reversal of lifestyle diseases through WFPB foods and other holistic approaches. She conducts Health and Wellness Retreats away from the city amidst nature to experience the power of the WFPB lifestyle in an immersive way. In addition, she also develops plant- based recipes and curates plant- based menus for restaurants and cafes. She also has a YouTube Series of Vegan Cooking which offers in- depth and easy substitutes as well as interesting dishes to support all those who would like to adopt this lifestyle. Drop in to visit her Stall and introduce yourself.

Ar. Pratiksha Neel Shah, Lead Architect, Demiurge Designs

(Stall # 6)

Architect Pratiksha Neel Shah turned vegan in 2015, by which she had already founded Demiurge Designs, an architectural, interior designing and project management consultancy firm that was successfully dealing in corporate, residential, commercial, hospitality and healthcare projects for 8 years. Gradually, she became aware of the cruelty in animal agriculture and the impact of pollution on the environment. Subsequently she also realized the need for creating more forests than buildings to preserve Earth’s deteriorating environment. In an effort to help limit the global warming impact, Pratiksha started to think of ways to balance a pragmatic way of developing her projects in a more eco-friendly and sustainable manner. Soon, she restructured the way she designed projects and Demiurge now brings space solutions that incorporates plant-based materials such as cotton, khadi, bamboo & viscose silk for furnishings and imitation leather for upholstery. The firm also encourages usage of biodegradable materials such as bamboo, mud, jute and clay, and recycled materials such as plastic blocks, steel and fly ash bricks for building and beautifying spaces. Do visit her at stall No. 6 in the Mall Cafe Section to know more.

Dhaval & Priya Shah, Holistree, Teen Support & Career Designers

(Stall # )

Dhaval Shah already had a strong ideological environment as the son of Pradeep Shah who practically lived by the principles of Nature’s Diet System advocated by BV Chauhan. His father is a major inspiration and motivation, and after seeing lot of sports personalities, he turned vegan. He founded Holistree in 2014, which is a unique Teen-Parent support system specifically work on the premise “We all have it already, it’s just a matter of finding it.”. Dhaval says, “Considering the amount of vulnerabilities we come across during this specific age, we understand every child individually as a whole on a non-judgmental platform.” Holistree does not only give solutions but offers support for the execution of the same. They focus on key areas like career, relationships, friends, self-image, body image and social media. Dhaval and his wife Priya run Holistree as partners; both are also vegan for their love for animals and they understand the real health benefits associated with the plant-based lifestyle. Drop by his stall to know more.


Date: 2 December 2018

Venue: JVPD Grounds, Opp Chandan Cinema, Juhu, Mumbai 

Time:  10am-10pm

Register FREE at, but mandatory.


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