Dr Will Tuttle to inaugurate The Ahimsa Festival 2017

Posted on: 15 August 2017

 Globally renowned personality, Dr Will Tuttle will inaugurate the festival during the Opening Ceremony at The Ahimsa Festival on 26 October 2017.  The inauguration is scheduled to be held at St. Andrew's Auditorium, Bandra (West), Mumbai. He will talk about the ‘World Peace Diet’, his dedication in the field and lift the spirit of the audience by playing the piano.

Also present at the opening ceremony is Dr Nandita Shah, Founder, SHARAN, who will join Dr Tuttle for the lighting of the lamp followed by a talk.

(Entry is free, but RSVP mandatory.  Register free on the site, go to 'Calendar', open the event and click 'RSVP' to confirm your seat. Seats on first-cum-first-serve basis. Do come early for better seat selection. Limited seats.)

The former Zen monk who has a PhD from UC and Berkeley, has been a vegan since 1980. He books, writings and music are focused on compassion, creativity, intuition. He will be joined by his wife, Madeleine Tuttle who is an artist and has authored the title, ‘Intuitive Cooking’. She is also an accomplished player of the silver flute, and has an album, ‘Inspiration, With Will’.

Will Tuttle has said, “The revolution that is demanded by our yearning for peace, freedom, and happiness must provide a new foundation for our culture.” He continued, “Above all, this revolution must change our relationship to our meals—our most practiced rituals—and to our food, our most powerful inner and outer symbol.”

Dr Tuttle who is the Chief Guest has shared that for The Ahimsa Fest 2017 there will be “a few guided meditations that I can do with piano accompaniment (speaking and playing simultaneously) as well as the music itself, which many people find to generate healing energy and inspiration. The piano music would probably be perhaps 20-25 minutes of the whole, with several pieces and meditations.”


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