End Of A Festival, Start Of A Journey!

Posted on: 13 November 2017

As every grand occasion leaves behind good memories, the APDG  had  quietly launched a collection of recipes shared during Cooking Demos held across 18 days on the concluding day of The Ahimsa Festival  2017.

Titled ‘Ahimsa Recipes’, the handy reference features over 80 delicious and exotic recipes demonstrated by curators,  Bhavna Kapoor, Chetna Patpatia, Hemali Pasad, Jinal Rathod,  Mayavi Khandelwal, Meena Shah, Namrata Shastri, Malvika Amin & Rasna Master, Saroj Choudhury, SHARAN team (Kommal Shah, Shalini Kocha & Capt. Joseph Pinto), Shasvathi Siva and Vinita Contractor (in alphabetical order).

‘Ahimsa Recipes’ will be delivered to you steaming hot at the price of only Rs 150. Delivery charges extra. To order your copy, contact Krunal: +91-9004881295. The proceeds of the sale will be utilized to support future APDG events.

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