Good Food Guide: We All Scream For Vegan Ice-Cream!

Posted on: 23 November 2018

As Part 2 of the Good Food Guide Series, One Earth Festival 2018 will feature the best-selling dairy-free ice-cream brands across India who will show-case their favourite flavours at One Earth Café.

The scorching November sun is ceaseless, and it’s time for ice-cream… Christmas and New Year is round the corner and of course, it’s time for ice-cream! Here are 3 of the largest vegan ice-cream brands in India offering the yummiest flavours at One Earth Festival 2018. Also on the list this year is Papacream, a non-vegan ice-cream company who have opened a health division that offers dairy-free dessert.

Check out the delightful options at One Earth Cafe @ One Earth Festival 
on 2 December 2018.

Venue: JVPD Grounds, Opp Chandan Cinema, Juhu, Mumbai 

Time:  10am-10pm

Register FREE at, but mandatory.


White Cub 

(Stall #17G)

Compassionate Choices Pvt Ltd founded by Sonal in 2012 is an initiative dedicated to spreading veganism through creating innovative vegan foods. White Cub is one of the first vegan brands of its kind in India to launch a dedicated vegan product in different cities. White Cub dairy-free ice-creams are made from plant milks, fruit pulp, sweeteners of different kind–’khaand’ ie unrefined sugar, jaggery, dates, low calorie sweetener and cocoa. White Cub has 10 flavours in 2 sizes–125ml and 500ml and is currently available in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Rishikesh. At the time of writing this story, White Cub could not confirm the flavours that will be offered at the stall.

 Vegan Heart 


Vegan Heart founded by Kanupriya, offers a range of vegan, sugar-free and plant-based ice creams. They use only dates as a sweetener, and their ice-creams have no chemicals or preservatives. They will also be offering meals like sarsaon ka saag with makki ki roti and cholle tikka, so check those out as well.

Look out for fresh flavours such as:

  1. Strawberry
  2. Vanilla
  3. Mawa Malai
  4. Belgian Chocolate
  5. Pista Kesar
  6. Coffee Walnut and more…

Vegan Bites 


Founded in 2011 by Samir and Hemali Pasad, Vegan Bites offers a range of finger-licking flavours like Cookies & Cream and Sea-Salt Caramel that Mumbai has enjoyed for about 7 years. They will have an adjoining stall offering Mexican foods and chats as well. This year they have planned a surprise for visitors of One Earth Festival. Stay tuned here for more details about the new flavours expected at the festival. Samir and his team make the ice-creams using non-dairy milks like Coconut, Soy & Almond. They use natural sugars. All the flavours are refined sugar free. Their  ice-creams are a favourite dessert choice for vegans, lactose intolerant or anyone looking for a healthy treat.  Their dessert range is free of any preservatives, stabilizers and emulsifiers. They We don’t use any essence or artificial flavours 

Flavours which will be there at the One Earth Festival: 
1. Cookies and Cream
2. Chocolate Chips
3. Dark Chocolate
4. Sea Salt Caramel
5. Fresh Strawberry
6. Raspberry and Watermelon Sorbet
7. Saffron and Pistachio
8. Roasted Almond
9. Raw Cacao with Cacao Nibs
There will be 2 Sugar Free Options for Diabetics
10. Belgian ChocoAlmond
11. Fig & Walnut
Introducing New Surprise Flavours for One Earth Festival
11. Roasted Almonds
12. Pistachio
13. Mint Chocolate Chips
14. Coffee Walnut
15. Black Sesame



Founded in 2015 by Tanvi Chowdhri, Papacream has 3 branches in Mumbai and has recently launched healthy vegan flavours. At the festival you can expect to enjoy the following flavours:

  • Vegan Peanut Butter Jelly–rich peanut butter ice cream layered with crunchy peanuts with streaks of jelly
  • Vegan Chocolate–Sinful dairy-free chocolate ice cream
  • Vegan Mango–Fruity Mango Coconut ice-cream
  • Vegan Fudgy Chococake–Sinful dairy-free chocolate ice-cream layered with fudgy brownie
  • Raspberry Sorbet–Pure berry bliss to beat the heat

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