Fitness Club Panel Discussion

Posted on: 1 November 2018

India’s leading fitness experts will come together for an informative and fun panel discussion about food, endurance and health at the upcoming One Earth Festival at Juhu Ground, Opp Chandan Cinema, Mumbai, on 2 December 2018. The panelists will draw from their unique and diverse experience to help the audience achieve their fitness goals. They will focus on nutrition, best health practices, fitness regimes and answer your questions.

The panel discussion will be hosted by Kuntal Joisher, the world’s first vegan who scaled Mt Everest in 2017. To join the discussion Register Free for the festival now.

The Panel Speakers are:

Dharmendra Kumar, Co-Founder of Proton Sports and Fitness Pvt Ltd

He is an Entrepreneur in the field of Sports & Fitness, a Motivational, Health, Fitness & Running Coach, and an Ultra Marathoner. Kumar co-founded Proton to provide the right training and support to wannabe runners. He is one of India’s top ultra-marathon athletes and also a race director. His other achievements include multiple podium finishes at Bengaluru Ultra, Nilgiris Ultra. He is also a six-time finisher of 72km Khardungla challenge in Ladakh. The passionate athlete says, “Running occupies a good part of my time. When I am not running, I am reading about it, thinking about it, or planning about it.”  

Siddharth Shukla, India’s First Vegan Ironman

He suffered from recurring health issues and finally resolved to do something about it and started running. He went on to hold the title as the first Indian Vegan Ironman, a triathlon  that he successfully completed in November 2017. This determination and drive saw him complete the gruelling race in 16 hours 40 minutes. Today, Siddharth is a passionate runner, having done multiple half and full marathons as well as Mumbai to Pune.

Aman Duggal, Founder & CEO of Alpharaj & Vegan

Alpharaj first started out as a passion project that was founded in 2015. Aman wanted to bring an evidence-based and unbiased approach to fitness in India. His goal was simple–to bring reason, science and integrity in the world of fitness. He has stated in Vegan First, “At Alpharaj, we try to educate people about scientific and critical thinking. We encourage people to adopt a sceptical mindset and question the information they come across.” Aman has lectured at several institutes and organizations and is also has extensive experience as a coach. The company specializes in weight loss, bodybuilding and powerlifting. He has been a vegan since 2014.

Shyamal Vallabhji, Sports Scientist & Motivational Speaker

South Africa-born Shyamal Vallabhji is associated with professional athletes and corporate leaders as a Mental Conditioning Coach. As a former monk, his approach to mental conditioning combines learnings and lessons from Psychology and Spirituality. He is also the author of books on Sports Science & Motivation and a TEDx speaker. When not helping athletes push their limits, Shayamal pushes his own mental and physical boundaries through Ultra Running and Mountaineering. He believes, “We must learn who to starve our fears and feed our courage in our quest to cultivate excellence.”

Register on to attend the Fitness Panel Discussion. Entrance free, but registration is mandatory.  

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