Things You Must Buy @OEF This Year: Part 1

Posted on: 18 November 2018

We throw the spotlight on select stalls that will offer funky EARTHENWARES & cool UPCYCLED  ideas with an innovative edge at One Earth Festival 2018. 

 India’s biggest vegan festival, One Earth Festival (OEF) is just round the corner and the air is already buzzing with excitement as the day is fast approaching. As the world is gearing up for the end-of-the-year festivities, veganism will be celebrated through food, drinks, music, and art,  with vendors across India and over thousands of visitors in attendance. OEF is a mecca for the ethically minded who are hungry for the best of vegan take-home goodies.

Watch out for the festival’s ethical flea market with a line-up of over 100 stalls ready to tempt you with an impressive range of quirky ideas and must-have gifting solutions. Trendsetting brands, artisans, designers, chefs, entrepreneurs and charitable groups will be present to display their best ranges and offer great values to visitors. 

Check out all the delightful options at Ahimsa Mall on 2 December 2018.

Venue: JVPD Grounds, Opp Chandan Cinema, Juhu, Mumbai 

Time:  10am-10pm

Register FREE at,  but mandatory.


Do not leave the festival before you visit these stalls. We present the first part of the feature series based on categories.

(1) Mitticool (#38)

Founded by Rajkot-based visionary businessman, Mansukhbhai Prajapati, Mitticool offers a range of innovative clay wares ranging from ingenious electricity-free fridges, water filters to table wares and cooking utensils. These products come in attractive rustic designs that will jazz up your kitchen and also make thoughtful gifting ideas.

 2) (#10)

The ecommerce portal offers a broad range of natural, unglazed cookware to suit all kitchen needs. Purvee Jain, the founder, did extensive research into the material and found a way to make them more durable and customized them for contemporary kitchens, and that was how was born. The company has listed hospitality leaders like Marriot, Taj and Hyatt, and other established clients like HomeTown as clients.

3) SuckIN Straws (#11)

While advocating anti-plastic campaigns, Rhea Chhabria a designer turned environmentalist and Suraj Nair, a third-generation industrialist realised that people needed better alternatives to pervasive items like straws, hence SuckIN was launched in January 2018. The company has developed these unique straws that are made of either bamboo or stainless steel, which is reusable, ecofriendly, food grade, lead free and easy to clean as they come with brushes that go through the hole of the straw. Bamboo being a natural product can be used upto 20 times before it goes for composting and stainless steel on the other hand becomes a part of your cutlery that lasts a lifetime. They are also packaged in a pouch made of unbleached muslin that’s easy to carry. We supply to hotels and restaurants and have managed to convert 60+ popular restaurants, hotels and hospitals in India to using our reusable straws including Taj exotica Goa, Saifee hospital and Yauatcha to name a few. 

 4) Almitra Sustainables

Anamika Sengupta, founder of Almitra Sustainables offer a range of Utopian-like products that support a sustainable lifestyle, are ethically sourced, cruelty-free and vegan. Moreover, the product packaging is plastic-free, so that we don’t create more waste to go in our landfills. Anamika herself chooses to live ‘naturally’, and has made life choices that are good for the environment. They sell everyday household essentials like plates, cutlery, straws and stationery–all made from inventive (and recyclable) materials like birchwood, cornstarch and bamboos. One of their products is the Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush. The bristles are infused with activated charcoal. Charcoal has antimicrobial properties which helps reduce bacteria and plaque activity in the mouth removing extrinsic stains, keeping your teeth clean.

5) Nishchala 

This Mumbai-based start-up founded by Shreya Sood has adopted ancient sciences of yoga and Ayurveda to create yoga mats that promote health and spiritual wellness. This way, they have done away with PVC or foam or rubber materials as those materials block receptivity to earth and are not eco-friendly. The mattresses are made of natural materials that better align and support the body while practicing the asanas. They have been hand-made by rural artisans in South India and come in about four natural and sustainable materials: (1) Yurvardhana– The Ayurvedic cotton yoga mats are infused with tulsi, turmeric and triphala that are conducive for spiritual practice. The Unnayana: The Banana fibre has been woven together with cotton threads. The back of the mat is brushed with natural rubber. The mat is light weight, durable and absorbs moisture providing stability during practice. The Vetiver meditation mat comes encased in a detachable, washable cotton cover and helps cool and stabilise the mind-body. The Darbha or Kusa grass mats are traditionally woven to be the seat or “asan” for poojas and rituals. The back of the mat is hand-brushed with natural rubber for better grip. These natural fibres are said to enhance our awareness and create a strong connection with the Earth, naturally connecting us better with the earth and our inner well-being.

6) Sutrakaar (#16)

Jaipur-based Sutrakaar Creations was set up 2 years ago by Neerja Palisetty to encourage experimental handloom weaving. Sutrakar’s USP is hand spinning and weaving of handmade paper and newspaper, which are spun by a charkha, by the local women trained to create quality paper yarn. The weaver then transforms them into beautiful fabrics on our handlooms. The ready fabric is carefully hand crafted into various products falling in the categories of fashion accessories, a range of lifestyle, home décor, stationary and jewellery and tab sleeves. The products are vibrant, innovative and add a personalized touch that makes for great gift ideas. 

7) Ehcore (#23)

Ehcore is a new start-up that will be launched at One Earth Festival so watch out for range of trendy gift ideas by Shruti Sethi. As cancer survivor, she has restructured her business model and started creating everything that was naturally compatible to the goal of living on a better Earth. Ehcore offers a range of apparels made of organic dyes, seed jewellery, upcycled cardboard boxes repurposed into cool laptop sleeves and stylish hand-made crochet hair bands and belts. From using naturally grown cotton to 100% carbon-free dyes, Ehcore is a way of life that ensures you are comfortable, the materials feel smoother on your skin and finally, it’s a matter of value and ingenuity.

8) Sa5 & Fabi 5 (#52)

Founded by Mumbai-based siblings Nisarg and Rushabh Gohil, the start-up offers eco-friendly cleaning products developed inhouse like a Fabi 5 detergent powder; Sa5, a liquid disinfectant surface cleaner and a liquid kitchen cleaner. Rushabh has done his Masters in Biotechnology from RMIT Australia while Nisarg is a Cornell University graduate who has completed his Masters in Masters in Environment Engineering in 2016. They studied the quality of chemicals used by mainstream detergent brands in the market and considered developing the 2 brands, using raw materials that are low in toxicity and biodegradable. They tested the products daily in their own homes, and after a year of research and practical testing, they launched Sa5 and Fabi 5. Do consider buying these products as they are ideal and practical gifts for pre-festival preparations and post-festival clean-ups for everyone.

9) Mitti Se (#57)

The company offers cleaning & health products and more, which are safe and earth-friendly, vegan and cruelty free. Minimal processing has gone into the making of their products, which include ingredients and Ayurvedic formulations that have been tried and tested over the years. Their goal is to make our homes, our lifestyles and Earth safer. They provide affordable alternatives to reduce dependence on harmful & unsustainable chemicals. Their laundry detergent for instance is natural and has bio-degradable ingredients that have been clearly listed on the product. And since it doesn’t contain any fillers and artificial foaming agents it also conserves water. Packages in trendy jute-bags, they make interesting gift items by themselves or can make great additions to gift hampers this festival season.

One Earth Festival 2018