Things You Must Buy Part 2: CRUELTY-FREE BAGS & SHOES

Posted on: 25 November 2018

Head to these stalls for the hottest range of stylish leather-free bags, shoes and accessories for men and women @ One Earth Festival 2018.

Check out these chic, trendy and stylish range of shoes and bags of the best vegan brands across India at One Earth Flea Market on 2 December 2018.

Venue: JVPD Grounds, Opp Chandan Cinema, Juhu, Mumbai 

Time:  10am-10pm

Register FREE at, but mandatory.

 1) FOReT

(Stall #34)

Founded by Supriya Shirsat Satam, the start-up is a celebration of the beauty of natural elements. Inspired by the French word for Forests, FOReT was launched with a passion to create fashion accessories that have a positive impact on our lifestyle while using the choicest of materials that resonate with being earth-friendly. FOReT fashion accessories are conceptualized in India and handcrafted in Europe with genuine Cork as their primary material. Cork Fabric is developed from the Cork Oak Trees that grow extensively in the Mediterranean region and is produced by harvesting the outer bark оf the cork oak tree. This does not harm the tree but allows it to grow naturally and it may even live upto 100 years! A perfect embodiment of nature, Cork Fabric retains the appearance of the wooden bark and is visually appealing, extremely soft, light and water resistant. Moreover, being a natural fabric, it is an eco-friendly material that is also Vegan. Launched this October, their premium products are exclusively available on their website and feature exquisite Handbags, Wallets, Belts, and Jewellery. One Earth Festival 2018 is their first offline pop-up and they would be introducing some exciting new products–a must-visit to experience unique and elegant fashion accessories.

2) Gowma

Gowma, founded by Gautam Ostwal is based in Hubballi, Karnataka in 2017. The venture was started by animal lovers, and is possibly the first company in the world that provides all-leather-substitute merchandise under one roof. One of the leather substitutes the company uses is pineapple leather, a textile created by from the tough fibres of pineapple leaves. It has been developed over a period of years and now Gowma works with pineapple farmers from Karnataka, Kerala and Goa to create a sustainable industry. While trying to do their bit to prevent animal cruelty, they offer a range of products like handbags, wallets, laptop bags, belts, footwear, clutches, gym bags for men and women. Their lifestyle products ranges are of exceptional quality, have been specially designed and are available at affordable prices.

 3) Earthy Zest

Founded by Karan Doshi in 2016, Earthy Zest is a fashion brand for a range of PeTA certified eco-friendly and sustainable products like bags, wallets, footwear and accessories. They upcycle a wide range of materials such as tyres, tyre tubes, hoarding banners; and also PVC, PU, polyester and PET wastes. Their goal is to provide products that have been upcycled and are attractive, durable, and priced fairly, compared to similar mainstream alternatives. This way, you shouldn’t have to compromise when choosing to live more sustainably. From practical to precious, these options are sure to be a hit.

4) Funky Kalakar

They are a vegan fashion label with a responsible yet unconventional approach to style. Their style statement is not limited to the bold and beautiful products, but they also create lifestyle products that are ethical. Funky means being unconventional and Kalakar translates to the artist, which is exactly who we are, the “Unconventional Artist”. They fuse styles from across cultures to bring together handcrafted products that are unique, responsible and beautiful. They are PETA-certified and try to imbibe the sustainability principles in their business. They upcycle tyres and give their shoes a renewed sole; they also use surplus foam discarded by auto manufacturers. Funky Kalakar is constantly exploring sustainable materials and try to incorporate an eco-friendly element with each new launch. In addition, they encourage their customers to send back our product for recycling, at the end of its life cycle.

 5) Mara Mma

Founded by Karan Jhaveri in February 2018, Mara Mma (pronounced as Murray-Maa) offers a range of trendy bags for women. Made mainly of PU and some other materials, the company is PETA certified and has also partnered with Shrimad Rajchandra Love And Care, both NGOs that are dedicated towards animal compassion. Their bags introduce a fresh take on cruelty-conscious consumption, with a range of designs that will appeal to women of all ages. They have attempted to bridge the gap that exists between cruelty-free bags and high-end luxurious brands to make the idea of purchasing a vegan bag appealing as well as pragmatic. 

 6) Shoes That Fit You



STFY is an online vegan shoe destination for women who are seeking experience focused on unique styles, trends and fit. Founded in 2012 by siblings Kinjal and Prachi, who share the same passion for shoes, STFY offers an extensive collection of in-house label for women. The shoes can be to customise as per individual style and size. The brand will be present at One Earth Festival, so do visit their stall and browse through their chic options that are not only a comfortable for long days at the office, but just as good for evening dos and long nights out on the town.

Venue: JVPD Grounds, Opp Chandan Cinema, Juhu, Mumbai 

Time:  10am-10pm

Register FREE at, but mandatory.



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