We Have Moved

Posted on: 3 November 2018

The new website address of One Earth Festival is ahimsafest.org. Now gearing up for its 3rd edition, India’s biggest vegan festival has metamorphised from tusk to tail.


The festival was initially The Ahimsa Fest in 2016 in its founding year and The Ahimsa Festival 2017 in its second year.  After facing initial teething issues, as is the case with any developing event, the organizers, Ahimsa Parmo Dharma group along with its action team decided to re-name the festival as One Earth Festival, to keep it in tune with its rapidly growing audience. 

Following the name change, the website to has been changed from the old address–theahimsafest.org to the new ahimsafest.com. For those who lose their way or have bookmarked the older URL, need not worry as searchers will still be redirected to the new address… that road still leads to Rome, as they say.

OLD WEBSITE ADDRESS (URL) : theahimsafest.org

NEW WEBSITE ADDRESS (URL) : ahimsafest.org

DATE: 2 December 2018

VENUE: Juhu Ground, Mumbai

Click ‘Know More‘ button on the festival page video for interesting details about the event.  

Do register NOW for One Earth Festival 2018 on www.ahimsafest.org. Entrance free, but registration mandatory. 

One Earth Festival 2018